2 More Days and 42 Spiders

Trysten is notorious for picking flowers/weeds, sometimes from other people’s gardens, to give to me. That yellow flower in my ear is one such example. But look how happy we both are!

My baby boy looks so big in this picture!

Told you I can’t find a picture when she’s not eating! Looks like she loves my mom’s potato salad ALMOST as much as her mom.

This was Trysten’s idea of dessert. That is a chocolate donut on top of a cookie. I say, as long as it’s not going straight to his hips, why not? I’d do it if I could.

Look at the things people come up with. A water totter? BRILLIANT I say!


2 more days of work. Hard to believe, really. I’ve been looking forward to that day for so long I still feel like I’m going to come Friday and someone is going to tell me I have another year to go. I was reflecting today as I walked in, box in hand, that there really is going to be a few things I miss about working here. I’ll miss my colleague, Kathryn, who made lots of otherwise boring/misearble situations, bearable. I’ll miss working downtown. I’ll miss walking through the doors and seeing patrons of the coffee shop starting their mornings with me. I’ll miss surfing the internet so frequently (ha!). I will miss being out in the community as often and getting a first glimpse into what new attractions and buildings were going up around the QC.
But I’ll get to spend lots of time with the people shown above and really, I couldn’t ask for more. Today as I was walking up to the Lodge to do some laundry (our washer and dryer have yet to be hooked up at camp) with my favorite son and I realized this was going to be an every day occurence. I wouldn’t have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get our unmentionables out of the laundry, I’ll be able to wait until a decent hour! I’ll be able to cook them a fine lunch of spagettios and mac and cheese (yes, I have no doubt I’ll resort to that once in awhile) and will have more time to make interesting dinners. I’ll be able to read to the kids and go on walks with them. I’ll be able to donate more time and effort to various non-profits I enjoy working with. And I’ll get to do some personal training, watching people reach their fitness potential. I can’t say enough how excited I am. Oh yeah, and I’ll get to go to coffee shops with my sis-in-law and nephews. (Zach, you KNEW I couldn’t leave that one out!)

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