Prayers for MN

Again with the eyes!

This is what we call Dailah’s “crazy face”.


My brother, myself and my two kids all on one tube, AMAZING.

Trysten after his first attempt at skiing.

Trysten decided he wanted to try skiing. My brother was so kind to get all his skiis, life jackets, etc on and once all gear was on, Trysten decided he’d take baby steps and be done for now. Perhaps next time he might just get in the water?

So I got to work today and heard about the bridge collapse in MN (we still don’t have our TV hooked up at Camp so I’m a bit behind with news). As most know, this is where our adoption agency is, actually just a few miles from that bridge. I was relieved to hear most of my forum friends are accounted for, but we are still waiting to hear how the staff at CHSFS fares. I am praying for, of course, all of my forum friends and CHSFS staff, but also everyone directly or indirectly affected by it all. What a horrific experience! Please keep them in your prayers as well.

On a lighter note, my dearest daughter takes after her brother in more than one way…her first official word (after momma, dadda) is “ball”. We were playing water basketball in the pool the other day and she said it! It was pretty cute and reminds me oh so much of her brother. I’d be lying if I said Zach and I didn’t take it as the smallest of hints that they’ll be superstars in all things athletic. No pressure there, right? (And for those that don’t know, I truly am being at least a good portion, sarcastic.)

Anyway, blessings to you all. May you turn to the ones you love and tell/show them just how much you love them today and every day. Thanks for tuning in.

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