The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
1) Our friends, the Landers, just got word that they’re traveling on Saturday to meet their babies in Sierra Leone. It has been a long time coming and my excitement for them surprises even me!
2) We had a really good weekend with my mom’s side of the family celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas (my grandparents go South for the winter). It is so nice to see all the family and catch up!

The Bad:
1) I got a bit of a sore throat. It is getting progressively scratchier. Boo hiss
2) Miss Dailah picked up a nasty cough as well and has only been sleeping in fits and spurts. Let’s hope tonight is different!

The Ugly:
1) I wrote our Ethiopian Coordinator to ask if we were officially waiting since they cashed our hubba bubba checks. She wrote to say our doctors didn’t fill their sheets our properly (so we’ll get that fixed tomorow) and OUR SOCIAL WORKER HAS NOT TURNED IN OUR HOMESTUDY!!!!!!! As you’ll see by our Adoption Timeline, our homestudy has been done for a month and she still has not written in/turned it in. Imagine my surprise when we’ve already theoretically paid her for such things!

So our great weekend ended on a bit of a sour note with that email. I realize she might be busy, but these people have to be put on some sort of timeline to get these done! It baffles me! So pray that she sees the immediacy in the issue. ,

One thought on “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. I have steam coming out of my ears for you! I can’t believe she hasn’t turned in your homestudy. That is just soo not cool. Let’s hope they are able to light a fire under her. You have done your part, paid the bills…it’s time for you to be waiting! Prayers for a quick resolution for you!

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