I Miss My Hubs

Couple things:
1) My hubby has been out of town since early Monday and won’t be returning until Friday. He’s had an interesting week and it’s been SO hard without him. I love living life with him. I realize when he’s gone that it’s not so much help with the kids or the house or any of that. It’s his laugh when it catches him by surprise, his hugs, the way he heats up the whole bed at night. It’s all of that, it’s really just HIM. And I miss HIM so very much. I wonder when they will come up with time travel, that’d be really great right about now.

2) My dearest daughter took 25 steps at the Y childwatch the other day (they counted). I got there and she won’t take-a one. What a pooch. She is getting better with the whole deal though and is starting to move on her own a bit more.

3) She learned a new word. “No”. It’s kinda awesome, I’m not going to lie. Especially since she likes to say, “No, daddy” (even though she learned this since he’s been gone).

4) Trysten is officially done taking naps. We changed it to “Mommy and Tman time” I forgot how much fun that kid is. And hilarious. He has also started reading a bit. He knows how to sound it all out and whatnot and his recognition of words is astounding. Though this shouldn’t surprise me, he remembers EVERYTHING, much to my dismay.

5) No word on the adoption front. I go from okay with it to downright upset about it on a minute by minute basis. It’s okay though, in due time.

6) Hubs took the computer so I’ve been twiddling my thumbs (okay, and watching The Bachelor) a lot at night. So I apologize if you’ve written me and I haven’t gotten back to you.

7) There’s been no progress on the house really. Today I woke up and was FREEZING. The upstairs of our house had no heat (where I was), luckily the downstairs (where the kids are) does. I thought about going to sleep in Tman’s room until I remembered I broke his bed. I literally woke up this morning and there was a layer of ice in my dog’s water bowl that sits right outside our room. So when I say “freezing” I mean it in the very literal sense.

Best be going. Had just enough time for a quick update!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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