I Heart Cookie Dough

So I’m fairly convinced my body (i.e. hormones) believes that my love for Tariku=a pregnancy. There is no other explanation how I can consume the large amounts of cookie dough that I do on a regular basis now without feeling even the slightest bit of remorse. The best part about not actually being pregnant is I get to team it up with a bit of wine. 🙂 I know, I’m amazing.

I’m wondering how it is that I love this child so much even though I haven’t met him. Sunday at church a guy from a company who does work in Liberia was there to talk about the partnership our church is doing with his company. There is an option to sponsor a child (which we did, he is 8 and his name is Emmanuel and is absolutely adorable! I had to pick him, he had the same birthday as Tariku!) Anyhow, we have a big Liberian population at our church and during this man’s talk one of them stood up to talk about the situation in Liberia/Africa. At one point he was saying, in his thick Liberian accent, “America please help Africa”, “If it continues as it does I pray that Jesus’s coming comes soon to save Africans from their present day reality”. Yikes. Those that know me, know I’m a crier. So I did fairly well when he was saying this, got the lump in the throat. Couldn’t talk, that kind of thing, but was able to stave off any actual condensation to hit the tear ducts.

Then they asked him to pray. Crap. I looked at my friend, Jody (adopting from Sierra Leone, a country bordering Liberia) and whispered, “Please don’t let the African talk!” His prayer was passionate, amazing and awesome. I cried. I blubbered. There wasn’t just tears running down, it was a full fledged snotty cry. When we were leaving I was wiping my nose on anything I could find. Jody and I ran into Zach on the way out and Jody says, “She lost it”. I did, I’m not afraid to admit it.

I’ve decided there is no reason I should be around any Africans until Tariku comes home. A person with my affinity for cookie dough and amazing capability of crying on a dime should not put my body through such things. I might have to take a sabbatical.

On a lighter and awesomer note, American Gladiator is back and I couldn’t be happier. I’m seriously considering trying out for next season (should they have a 2nd season). I just need to get three things beforehand: 1) fake boobs (yeah right, not going to happen) 2) balls (I’m scared of those women!) 3) teardrop shoulders. I figure it would take 1 year (and $15,000 should I seriously consider #1) to get those things.

Also got the official word that we (by we, I mean our contractor) can start on the house. How excited am I? Um, there are no words. Let’s just say if I was told that by an African, I would still be blubbering.

One thought on “I Heart Cookie Dough

  1. I could blubber just reading about you blubbering. I just have to think about being a mom again, getting the call, traveling, picking up my sweet child and I can feel the tear and snot buckets start to tip! So I am with ya in snot and tears!!!!Boogery, watery hugs to you!

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