Book Clubs Are Rad

Just got back from my book club. It was great. Great discussion on the book, Barbara Kingsolver’s, “The Poisonwood Bible”. Great discussion about life and great women. Oh, and great food prepared by Kristen Sigler and invented by the fabulous Paula Dean.

I’m amazed how a little time with amazing women can really wake me up. It’s like that first cup of coffee in the morning when you didn’t realize your eyes were only halfway open until they are fully alert after the steaming cup of goodness. It’s like that but way better. I’ve experienced that twice in two days and I’m starting to feel a little spoiled, I’m not going to lie.

God is a funny guy. Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that 3 of the 6 women at book club tonight were adopting (me=Ethiopia, another=Korea, another=domestic)? I don’t think so. Especially since I didn’t have a hand, unfortunately, in bringing either of them there in the first place (unfortunately because I wish I was responsible for bringing their greatness in the “club”). God, I love you. Thank you for that.

I was never really part of a club growing up. Sure, my mom made me join French Club and things but that was really only for my college resume (we don’t have to lie to ourselves anymore mom). My sister-in-law, Kait, started a few clubs with her friends before; though, the way she tells it my favorite husband used to interrupt and throw things at her and her friends, jerk. Anyhow, I never really did that. It feels good starting a club at my youthful age. Especially one that is based on hearing great thoughts on great works of literature. Can this world really handle so many intelligent, beautiful women? I’m not so sure.

5 thoughts on “Book Clubs Are Rad

  1. I was in a book club. It was a mother/daughter book club. There were 5 or 6 moms who loved to read and wanted our daughters to love to read also. We let the girls pick out the books, but we tried to guide them towards a book that made them think. We read some good books too. Books about what it’s like to be a teenager and how growing up isn’t always easy. The best part was that we had that time to communicate with our daughters and found out what their view on things were. Now they are all freshmen in high school and we don’t have time to do it anymore. Fortunately, my daughter still likes to read even if she doesn’t like to admit it.

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