So I have filled our travel prescriptions (travel diarrhea anyone? mmmm) I have checked my schedule, turns out I’m free any week in March to travel to Ethiopia. (Imagine that) I started washing the few 3-yr-old clothes that I have. Tonight I will seek and find Zach and my passports. I will also figure out which of our suitcases we will be using. I’m pacing myself, but I have always been more of a sprinter than a marthoner which just goes to show you that by Sunday I will be packed with the bags at the door.

Check out Jody’s blog (it’s on the side “Jody III”). She and I were talking about her latest entry on the way to the restaurant a couple of days ago. If you have a heart, you’ll cry when you think about it. I guess you know how I feel about the situation.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention one fascinating thing. So I went to my doctor’s office the other day after they drew some blood for a spleen “situation” I’m having. Anyway, he said basically, “It’s really weird, you’re not pregnant but a lot of your hormonal levels are mimicing pregnancy. I’ve seen it before in adoption.” Isn’t that crazy? At least I’m not gaining weight at mach speed, watching baby story every time it’s on or crying at anything…oh wait, yes I am doing those last two anyway and the first is teetering dangerously. Either way, very fascinating indeed!

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