1 Dream Come True

So last night was girls night with Jody, Leslie and myself. And on last night, when I needed it the most, a dream of mine came true.

To set the stage, my sister-in-law, Leslie, is a freelance writer and has been asked to do a piece on local restaurants. So we went to one that was brand new this Monday called “Graze”. Well when we got there and she said she was from QC Magazine, we got the VIP treatment! We ordered this little thing called “Graze 101” which in laymens terms is “fancy buffet” and it was great. BUT the chef was even nicer than that. He literally had people from all over the restaurant bringing us plate, after plate, after plate of food. There was so much food, I thought about crying (but I had cried all my tears earlier over Tariku).

That’s been my dream, to sit down, and just be served a ridiculous amount of delicious food and it happened last night. Here’s a picture of the dessert (which came after approximately 20 rounds of food before that). Do you see the look in my eye? The eyes are a little dull because of all the food I had eaten, seriously.

Now pair that with amazingly great conversation, lots of great laughs and some time spent at Borders reading silly magazines without kids, that was a great night.

2 thoughts on “1 Dream Come True

  1. This is terrible advice, but I ate a lot of chocolate when we were waiting for Z. His court delays, setbacks, and wait to travel was one of the hardest seasons of my life. Food helped a LOT!!! So I’m glad you had a fun night out.

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