Good Work Prayer Warriors

So firstly, we have water. Not just water, but water that drains. We also have 2 more toilets in working order. 2 showers/tubs with drains. I could cry, no seriously, I could cry. Tonight we will be giving our kids a bath in our own home for the first time in months and I am as happy as I could be about that. (Note to any DHS worker who might be reading this: they have in fact gotten baths/showers but they’ve all been at my in-laws)

Secondly, and more importantly, your prayers worked! BUT (isn’t there always a “but” in adoption?) now we’re hearing that the little mistake with our birth certificate (yeah the one that was “done” a month ago) is still not fixed. So now we’re waiting on that. So HUGE praises that this first task was accomplished! As a past track athlete, I can’t help but see this sucker as some sort of 400m hurdle event. Every time we get past one hurdle and there looks to be nothing in our way of the finish line, another 100m comes along and there’s another! Not only is there another, but since we’re tired of the last hurdle, the next hurdle seems even bigger and even more difficult to get over. (Interestingly enough, I never competed in hurdles, and that was because I saw no point in putting hurdles in a race that was already hard).

So strap on your praying hats and get to praying that the Birth Certificate will come back. Complete, with no errors and a picture of that beautiful face we’ve come to love so much.

5 thoughts on “Good Work Prayer Warriors

  1. You’d better be hearing some wonderful news tomorrow with the rest of us. I’m keeping my toes and fingers crossed and I’ll be thinking of you. Glad to hear you have running water again. Hopefully things will be all ready to go before you know it!

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