Where’s Waldo?

So I mentioned in one of my posts from Ethiopia how the Ethiopian people were generally astonished at how see through I was. In most of the pictures I look like a ghost, a phantom. Unfortunately I did not get the rest of my family’s nice darker complexion (as you see from the skivies post, neither did my son). Anyway, here are three pictures Zach and I like to call the “Where’s Waldo” series. Try to find me, I get smaller and smaller as the groups come to swarm the nice ferenjes (white people). I tried to bend down and talk to some of the kids but they were literally so freaked out by me they ran. I don’t blame them, I’d been crying all morning and then there’s that see through bit. After seeing how beautiful all of these kids are you can see how I developed a complex while there. I love a good dose of humility from time to time.

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