You and Me Go Fishin…

Gave Tariku another first…fishing. It was great, though he was scared poopless of fish. He liked pretending but wanted nothing to do with the real thing. Zach went and bought all 3 kids a little package that had sunglasses, a fishing pole, and a tackle box. Trysten got Transformers (of course), Tariku got Cars (of course), Dailah got Barbie (of course), I got a purple one (of course).

Here are some pics because their cuteness speaks much louder than my attempt at cute words.

Tariku pretending to cast. He ended up losing 2 fishing lines and 2 bobbers. NIIIICE.

A fish that Zach caught but Tariku wanted to pretend was his. Wouldn’t let it get any closer.

I mean, really.

I caught the first fish and it was pretty exciting. My pole was THE pole this time around, caught the most fish. By the way, mom, your generosity on mom’s day paid for this hair cut. AND that fish was bigger in real life than it looks. Teehee.

Trysten casting, pretty good form.

First fish for Tman, could he be anymore excited?

Again with the fish.

Just a couple of brothers contemplating life, love and why fish are “so nasty” according to Trysten.

Look at that cute little fish. Sorry daddy, mommy’s got game tonight.

Dailah casting, good form, poor patience (wonder where she gets that from…)

How many 22 month olds do you know who get put in timeout at a place like this and just sit there? Crazy.

Had to add this because it’s too cute. Doozie in her toddler bed.


5 thoughts on “You and Me Go Fishin…

  1. o for heaven’s sake! I cried for 10 minutes and then laughed for 20! These are just adorable children. How is it I am so blessed to have these gorgeous babies that surround me?? Thanks for the joy you have given me for decades to come!!! G’ma T

  2. I found you through Jody and Cassie’s blogs (who I found through my friend Pam). I’ve been lurking for awhile, but had to comment today because I totally agree with Trysten… fish are “so nasty!”

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