Not only am I turning into my mother…I’m also turning into my elder sister-in-law, Leslie ( I just call her sis). Today we went to Hy Vee and guess what I bought and had for snack time…Pita chips (from the Healthy eating department) and HUMMUS! Wow, and you know what I enjoyed it…there, I said it, I enjoyed it. Thanks, Leslie for showing me the light. 🙂 (This is not to say I didn’t follow it up with cookie dough, cuz I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but I started on the right track).

Speaking of Leslie. HUGE news. She, her husband and my two nephews ARE ADOPTING FROM ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!! Not just from Ethiopia, but from our agency. This means there is a good chance their daughter will come from the same area as our son and she will most definitely have been in the very same care center as Tariku. I cannot believe God could be this good. What a blessing! They have been the most supportive through our entire process and we knew they were considering an adoption of their own. It’s safe to say they were at the top of our prayer list for quite some time. So happy to have them experience this amazing thing called adoption (don’t ask Jody about it though…). So please welcome them into this huge adoption family. She’s an amazing writer so I’m currently trying to talk her into an adoption blog. 🙂

Anyway, I love her, I love them and I CANNOT wait to get a picture of my niece and show you all.

5 thoughts on “Sister-in-Law

  1. You are sweet and wonderful in every way. And you have good taste, too! I knew it!!! Thanks for the support and encouragment you’ve already shown. God is just so crazy good!!Leslie

  2. That is wonderful… I am so happy for you. What a blessing for both your families. One of our neighbors and teachers at our school adopted a 4 year old girl from ET right after Z came home. They will be in the same grade and at the same school!!! I am blown away. I like when God does cool things.

  3. Look at you being such an inspiration for people!!! We had our first meeting with Cindy yesterday just to get information. She seems realy nice. We will be trying to get our application sent out here in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll go to the PAC classes at the end of July! 🙂 I don’t know how far along your sister-in-law is in the process, but maybe we’ll be in the classes with them! EXCITING!!!!

  4. I just read the news on Leslie’s blog before coming here, and I’m so very excited for all of you. How wonderful would it be for Tariku if they were able to adopt one of his playmates. It would be like having a sibling coming home! I’m so happy that Leslie has you to lean on for what will surely be a bumpy ride. It’s great, too, that she knows what’s coming, as she went through the whole wild ride with you already. Congrats to the entire extended Klipsch Family!

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