More Rain?!?!?

What’s that about. As if our area needed any more rain. But that’s what it’s doing today and it doesn’t look like there are plans for a rain hiatus anytime soon. Sweet.

Things are going very well here. The last two weeks, though not necessarily what I expected, have been very good as far as attachment and bonding with Tariku. Having Trysten in day camp every day has meant one less child I need to bond with and watch do super cool tricks every 50 seconds. It’s enabled me to really watch and get to know Tariku like we were doing that first week with him. He really is a super fun guy and absolutely hilarious. His english is getting so good it’s kind of scary sometimes. His ability to stretch out breakfast never ceases to amaze me. Today when it took him 20 minutes to eat a bagel when it took his siblings 5 I had to constantly remind myself that it’s actually better for him to eat that slowly. It’s hard though, I kept thinking of 50 things I needed to be doing instead of watching him chew the tiniest bite 50 times before swallowing. He had another rough week though. Had a follow up cast appointment. Found out he’ll be in that cast for 2 more weeks and then a short cast for another 2. He also had his regular doctor’s appointment yesterday where they pumped him full of 4 more vaccines. Having trouble walking today. As an example of his great personality, the nurses gave him 2 of his shots and he was of course screaming and whatnot. So they took a quick break to refuel and he grabs one of the nurses shirts and pulls her face in real close and just yells at the top of his lungs. Though I was crying a bit too I had to laugh at his sheer force.

I have some really great pictures on my camera but haven’t had time to upload them so that will be coming. Dailah is such a trip. This is the age (she’ll be 2 next month) when I’m either loving the age or hating it, there’s really no in between. This morning has been pure joy though. After I woke Zach up, I told him I was coming up to his office to write this so to keep an eye out for the kids. I get almost to the office (it’s just a 50 meter walk or so) and I hear “Mommy!” Well it’s Dailah, not having listened to the, “Stay here command” from me, she wanted to come with. I told her to go get daddy but instead she comes sprinting (in the rain) towards me. She’s one stubborn little girl. We get up here and she starts coloring with a yellow highlighter. She says, “mommy wewo (yellow)”. I was shocked. Didn’t know she knew that word. Love actually watching the wheels turning.

All I know for now. Wanted to get in touch with my peeps!

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