Just Pictures

My life is good. My days are great. Dailah had her regular 2-year-old checkup and he confirmed what we believed to be true, she’s too smart for her own good. He was impressed with her language development (she was just showing off, “No, Trysten!”) So that is great news. Trysten ended up having an ear infection which explains why he was complaining of his ear hurting.

I know I’m a bit partial, but I can take no credit for him. His preciousness inside is only mirrored outside.

Leslie’s cake she made for Dailah’s birthday, she’s that good and that sweet.

My made from scratch cupcakes and frosting. Who knew there was so much sifting and separating. Worth it, though, every bite. But I was too exhausted for hearts or “D’s”.

There was fresh fruit too! For those that didn’t feel like clogging their arteries.

Doozie with her favorite accessory in the world…a baby.

Look at their eyelashes. They are ridiculous and I love them.

Dailah’s tutu from her auntie Leslie.

This is just hilarious. Watching Andy sing his heart out.

Blowing our her candle.

Dailah at the zoo on Monday…the hottest day of the summer with humidity points at 75%. Real feel 105 degrees. But they boiled corn for us so who says no to that?

Jake at the zoo. Check out the gray shirt that is darker in some areas…sweat, all sweat.

Papa Frank at the zoo. Check out the bottom of his shirt. The only part not soaked with sweat was at the very bottom.

Tariku’s sweat ring, the kid has the most amazing self-cooling system in the world.

And me…too hot and wondering what in the world would have possessed me to go to the zoo that day.

4 thoughts on “Just Pictures

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but damn, Girl! You are GORGEOUS!! I don’t know many other women who could look that good in those conditions! ;-)Looks like Doozie’s birthday was tons-o-fun. Did Auntie Leslie make that heart out of Hershey kisses? It looked scrumptious!I hope Trysten’s ear feels better, the poor baby. Ear infections are the worst! Lex used to get them quite frequently when he was younger. Ouch! That close-up of Tariku’s face is priceless. Could he possibly be any more beautiful!?

  2. I love how you write about your kids. Not sure I needed the pictures of sweat, but thanks for sharing!!!Enjoy these midwestern summers, we’ll miss them in 6 months.

  3. Hi. Just found your blog. Your kids are adorable. We are considering adoption from Ethiopia as well. I read that your son was 3 when you brought him home. We’re thinking of requesting around 2 1/2 – 4 years and just wondered if you would hesitate to adopt that age range again. Thanks 🙂

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