Meet, Abe

So…meet the newest Klipsch. Isn’t he the cutest? His name is Abe and he is a great dane (hi, mom!) He is Zach’s birthday present and my substitute for another child (only kidding).

So he’s 14-weeks-old and already weighs 45lbs. Doesn’t look like a puppy but is cuter than cute, if I do say so myself. Have I told you how much I like big dogs? Okay, you’ve waited long enough, here are the pics!

And though there might be some friends (and family) who might question our sanity at this point in time, we love dogs and since we live on 265 acres we think it’d be sacrilige (sp) if we didn’t get another, right?

Kids waiting for Abe (they picked his name, by the way) to get out of the car.

Abe laying down getting to know his surroundings.

Look at that face!

The brothers and their bones.

Doozie watching a movie and enjoying her new dog. All of the kids love him, especially Tariku who giggles every time he comes around.

Oh, and Cindy, Zach’s tattoo means “father” in Amharic and that is (obviously) the outline of Ethiopia. Love it!

2 thoughts on “Meet, Abe

  1. ok, obviously someone lied to you…there is NO WAY that dog is 14 WEEKS old. no way.if so, he’s going to be like 500 pounds in a year. i’m scared for you.but he IS very cute!!

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