And He’s "That" Kid

So my son comes home from Kindergarten yesterday with two pictures he had drawn. “Tell me about these, Trysten!”

(As I look at this picture)

He says, “Well, that’s a guy running down the street with a snake chasing him and the snake ate his clothes and his butt cheeks are showing.”

I’m only human, I laughed and asked where he came up with that, “Just in my head.” Obviously.

“What did your teacher say about it?

“She didn’t see it, but my friends at my table thought it was hilarious.” Obviously.

Then I see the next picture.

“And what is this?”

“Oh that is a guy pooping on everyone else.”

“Trysten, that is not appropriate.”

“Well my friends thought that was even funnier than the buttcheeks.”

“And now you just sound like your father.”

And he is, just like him. I happen to love them both.

2 thoughts on “And He’s "That" Kid

  1. Hysterical! Tesie you’ve gotta love the creativity in your children! And… as I’ve gotten to know the Klipsch’s it seems as though Trysten is no different!

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