I’m kind of done stewing about Darfur (nice work on “Sudan” sweet commentators) seeings a person close to me had no idea. I think it has a lot to do with educating our inner circles as obviously the media is not doing a good enough job. Stupid media, I like blaming them for things, it’s easier.

So then what else is going on in our life? Not too much. My sister is living with us until she can close on a house in town. Going surprisingly well, side for the fact that her dog stopped listening to us once she came back (odd, yes).

We’re finishing all the food and drinks from the party so presently I’m munching on M&Ms and drinking local beer. My life is really rough.

And tonight before bedtime we finished the movie, Nemo. Here are the boys (who were slightly scared of Bruce the shark). Seriously, this is so cute I want to cry, and might, since my allergies are so bad.

One thought on “Nothing

  1. I LOVE Nemo! Tate is TOTALLY ADDICTED to it. It’s bad how much we let him watch it, so I won’t tell. 🙂 It’s the first thing he says when he wakes up…”MEMO?!” And “shawp buce” is shark bruce. Cute pictures!

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