Happy Birthday, Hubby!

‘Tis my hubby’s birthday today. The big 2-7.

I love birthdays and was sad I couldn’t go all out today. Will make up for it in Chicago.

For those that don’t know this man, the world was made a MUCH better place 27 years ago and I will forever thank Terre for birthing him and for Frank for doing his part. 🙂

Seriously though, the man is my rock. He is my beloved. He is the most amazing, inspirational man. I look at journal entries before and after I met him and I can’t believe how much of a great impact he has made on me (obviously I’m awesomer..what?)

His love for anything and everything is boundless and his patience with me and my sometimes annoying ways is quite unfathomable. But he shows his love better and more than any man I know and makes me constantly remember why I married him and why I fall for him more every day.

And beyond that, isn’t he just dreamy?

Couldn’t help herself when she saw the Oreos and do we blame her?

And some minestrone.


Too precious.

And Oliver.

Daddy was a big hit on his birthday.

My eldest angel.

Don’t let Leslie’s good nature fool you, she saw this uneaten canoli and had to take it home…in a napkin…stuffed in her cute purse. Love her for it.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Hubby!

  1. Happy Birthday Zach!!!I must say it’s the best day of the year (it’s my birthday too). Hope you guys have fun celebrating in Chicago. I’ll be celebrating this weekend in rural MN…who’s going to have more fun!?

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