I’m a Bad Mom

Period. End of sentence.

This tooth fairy forgot.

I had to watch my son’s face fall when he saw his tooth in the box and not a dollar that would buy him some gum.

So tonight instead of $1 there is $2.

I’m a bad, bad person. The end.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Bad Mom

  1. I used to make little “love notes” on my computer from the Tooth Fairy for my son. I used my Print Shop, so it had really cute graphics, and it wasn’t in my handwriting. In this case, the Tooth Fairy would have been leaving a note saying something like, “Sorry I couldn’t get here last night. There was a big traffic jam. I hope the extra dollar makes up for it! ;)”Don’t be so hard on yourself. All mommies have these “oops” moments!

  2. This tooth fairy has been bad too, you are not the only one. ;o) It happens. we have just told the kids that the tooth fairy must have been extra busy that night…loi

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