Situation in Liberia

Jody wrote this on her blog. I’m just copying it because she said it so well I’m not going to try. But I wanted to make those of you who don’t visit her blog aware of it. Aware of the reasons to act and give Water for Christmas now. Here it is. Just one of the many reasons why.

Brandi left a comment this morning bringing to my attention that the Mercy Ships are pulling away from Liberia this week. Leaving a country with 3 million people with 30 doctors.

I spent the first hour of my morning scouring the internet for more information on health care in Liberia.

30 doctors for 3 million people. ( I do believe we have more than that in Muscatine)
And let us consider the urgency and magnitude of Water in light of this.
80% of all illness and disease is due to the lack of clean water.


If ever there was a time to move fast and furiously to get clean water to the people of Liberia, it is now.

If there ever was a time to give generously, it’s now.

If ever a time to allow Water to permeate your heart and mind, it’s now.

I was overcome this morning with a sense of urgency and resolve.

For three villages so far, we can eradicate 80% of their sickness and disease.
Do you get that?

We can do something.
It seriously makes me weak sometimes.
Our abilities to DO something.

And how much I want people to GET it.

This is Water. This is Life.

Someone said, “” I do not know what it will take for America to move from Apathy, to Sympathy, to Empathy to Action in the crisis here in Africa”

Oh God, let it be now.

Let us move to action today.

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