Tman’s Date Night

So last night I took my eldest out on a date. We received a sparkling report card last week. We were, of course, proud of the fact that he’s in the top of his class for reading (only one other girl is with him but who’s counting). But, more importantly, his teacher commented on him being caring, taking responsibility, etc. So his effort needed a special props.

He was excited for date night. We went to McD’s (per his request) and shared some food and a McFlurry. Then we went and got him a few books as a reward. Lastly, we went to get him Valentine’s Day supplies. He helped me do the grocery shopping and got excited with me when we found food coloring after hours of looking (okay, minutes but seriously).

My favorite part was absolutely at McD’s. We just sat across from each other and had our best, uninterrupted conversation in a very long time. He is truly such a precious soul. I don’t give him enough credit, being a big brother has to be hard. He was by himself for 3 years and then in a short year and a half he became a big brother twice over. He’s handled it so well I forget there could be some stuff going on underneath.

He never said anything, in fact he asked for more siblings, but with how much he talked my ear off and laughed and used manners, I know it affects him. Anyhow, I started to feel bold and asked him if he had a girlfriend. He got this sly little smile and said no (whew!).

Me: Do any of your friends have girlfriends?
T: Yes, Andy does.
Me: What does it mean to have a girlfriend? What do they do?
T: Play together a lot
Me: Why don’t you a have a girlfriend?
T: Well, I just don’t have time, mom.

A boy after my very own heart. 🙂 My other favorite comment came in the car. Just chatting away back there and then he says, “Mom, I don’t know why but whenever I see you, I just want to snuggle you. You are just so snugglie.” Seriously.

And so is he.

I am just one of those really lucky women who has it all in life.

6 thoughts on “Tman’s Date Night

  1. Thanks for the morning cry. It’s so wonderful that you had your date night. I like the fact that his reward was books and not a toy. I love books. I remember when Anthony was in Kindergarten and he came home and said he was exhausted. He only went to half day K so how could he be exhausted? When I asked him he seriously replied, “All the girls chase me at recess.” I miss those days. All my kids are great and have their strengths and weaknesses but Anthony is my sweet, kind soul. The one the teacher always had sit by the troubled student or help with the new student. It’s wonderful to know that yes, your child is smart, but also that they are wonderful through and through. Give your Tman a hug and kiss form Aunt Lori.

  2. I love my dates with my kids. It is so necessary, isn’t it? To have that uninterrupted time with them. We have some of our best (and oddest) conversations. Good job, Mom!

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