Too Kind.

Cindy gave me a great award. My first in a very long time and since I’m not likely to make the Academy Awards which was once this cinema major’s dream…oblige me as I stammer through this acceptance speech.

First, a mention on Cindy (because they always thank the Academy). Cindy was a lifeline to me in my darkest of hours waiting to get the travel call for Tariku. I needed something, knowledge of a little boy being real. What did his smile look like? Did he have long legs or short? And Cindy, who was going through something very similar became a sister of sorts. But she was/is sweeter, more well-written and more beautiful than I am so naturally I was/am completely jealous. But either way, her story is so much my story. And seriously, coincidence that we both have little boys named Trysten/Tristan? Me thinks no.

Secondly, the rules of the “Your Blog is Fabulous” is to write 5 addictions and then give the award to 5 people. So here are my 5 things.

1. Blogs. Love/hate relationship. Love them because it’s fun and hate that I love them so much. But these ladies are seriously my peeps. Should I one day meet them in real life, I have no doubts we’ll become BFFs. Thank you, ladies, for all you do.

2. Hot showers. Scalding hot, makes my skin turn red, hot showers. I don’t always get them, most of the time it’s a quick rinse. In fact, my mom got me a pedicure shower-thingy for Valentine’s Day and it’s still in the wrapping. I laugh every time I see it in the shower. When do you think I’ll be able to afford such a luxury (i.e. a shower lasting longer than 2 minutes?) My guess…earliest would be 10 years.

3. Les Mills programs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they are the best fitness programs in the world. I’ve seen more bodies change in the last year that I’ve been teaching them than I can count. I’ve NEVER seen so many people enjoy exercise. Being a part of that is an extraordinary thing.

4. Chocolate. That is why I NEVER have it at home. Because I will eat it and just. not. stop. You all who have been with me for awhile remember ALL my posts about chocolate chip cookie dough and how it saw me through the wait for travel. Frankly, it sees me through a lot.

5. Sleep. Need at least 8 hours every night and yearn for a 2-hour nap. The 2-hour nap is not a daily thing but I do at least get a cat nap every day. This frustrates Zach sometimes, my ability to fall asleep in a matter of seconds but I think he’s just jealous.

As for the blogs I now pass the award to:

1. Amanda and Matt, of course, have to be mentioned here. They were our traveling buddies, but more importantly, Amanda and I talked almost daily before we left for Ethiopia. Our boys were in the orphanage together and we were in the guest house together. They are awesome.

2. Rebekah. Did you already get this, Rebekah? Either way, we also traveled with her. This, in and of itself, is not a big deal but she’s so great I use it as a bragging tool. For instance, when I was talking to Leslie today I told her that I was hopefully going to see Rebekah…THE REBEKAH at something. She’s just that cool.

3. My sister-in-law, Leslie, has to get a shout out. Her blog features 2 of the most beautiful children who happen to be my nephews. Always has great links to really cool articles and she talks a lot about food, which I’m also passionate about. Plus I love her and she’s beautiful, smart and fabulous so it fits.

4. Nicole’s. She’s a fairly recent blog I…read. She has 3 boys from Africa and they are beeeeautiful! And she’s fabulous. So if you haven’t yet, you should go there cuz it’s amazing.

5. Christina. She might have already gotten this, I can’t remember. If she hasn’t then it’s a fluke. She and her gorgeous husband, Joe literally saved my sanity. They traveled in the group I like to call “my real group”. It was a few weeks before ours and it was the group that our ET coordinator first had us look into tickets. So we thought we were going. Then paperwork happened and we weren’t. I was more than heartbroken, I was downright depressed. Then an email came. It was from Christina (I hope it’s ok I’m saying this now). Joe had taken a little cell phone video of Tariku playing ring around the rosey. It was the first time I’d ever seen him ALL OF HIM. Until then it was just his head. He had legs! He giggled and ran! I heard the kids yell Tariku! It was a 17 second video and I watched it for the next 2 hours straight (that’s, unfortunately, not an exaggeration). I forwarded it to my family. It was my first taste of my son. It was done (somewhat) illegally by Joe and his family and do you know I hope one day I can repay them. They are amazing and will always hold a HUGE place in my heart.

That was ridiculously long. But what do you expect for my one and only shot at an awards show?

5 thoughts on “Too Kind.

  1. I think I turned several different shades of red reading your post..oy! Blush Blush Blush.On a side note I think we are both pretty darn good looking…and much more often then not you put my writing to shame…but thanks for the sweetness…it made my night 🙂

  2. Awe…..your post made me cry! Thank you. How crazy is it that we are approaching a year. And as far as seeing the people in person you KNOW you want to come to the BLOG UNION as yours truely is planning it! Totally sign up!

  3. Ok, I’m only slightly insulted that you have a ‘real’ travel group that was, in fact, not the group you traveled with. Sniff, but only because I brag that I traveled with Tesi, so right back atcha chicky.This summer picnic is a must or you may find us on your front porch kind of like those guys who used to go to the camp, we’ll be helping ourselves to Zach’s guitar and your frig too. And we might squeeze your children.

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