Weekend Recap

As promised, pictures and more!

Friday night was family fun night at Trysten’s school. It was crowded and fun night. So that was fun. 🙂 My parents did meet us there, which the kids loved. Here, see?

I had to wake up early (5:15am) on Saturday morning. I slept horrible that night on top of it, so I was less than thrilled Saturday morning. Thankfully, my husband is rather amazing and when he woke up on Saturday he let me go back to bed. It was sooo nice. Then we went on a hike because the weather was more than perfect.

First, Tariku opened his first birthday present from my Aunt Kathy.

Papa Frank joined us for the hike, Doozie preferred his hand.

Trysten on the low rope course.

We returned and realized the kids had left their babies in time out (what?!?!?)

Today we were able to play outside again with it being so nice out. Iowa in March, you just never know.

Zach running drills with the boys.

Trysten explained this drawing at camp as Tariku, dad and mom. Guess who is who. (I kind of enjoy that I’m twice the size of them)

And this, of course is Dailah, Trysten and Tariku.

While the boys played basketball, I read my book and Dailah played with her baby. Check out her pocket, it contains my phone, which is kind of irresistable.

Loads of fun. Tomorrow is Tariku’s birthday. He’s like a bride the night before her wedding. All frantic, excited and near tears. Ridiculously endearing.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Oh I am so excited for his birthday!! Mihiret is bursting at the seams…Thursday cannot come soon enough for her. I hope Tariku has a beautiful day!! Yeah!!Happy Birthday Tariku!

  2. Oh I just love these photos. Your kids always take the best pics with their smiling faces! As for the babies in time out, I can totally relate–except I leave my living, breathing children in time out all the time because once it’s quiet I forget about them!!!! No Mother-of-the-Year awards for me.

  3. i thought for a second that maybe tariku got another sort of “hulk hand” for his birthday, then i realized it was just my dad’s hand sitting on the box. seriously, look at that paw.ps–did trysten seriously draw those? that’s way better than i could ever do

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