Me and Cars

Before Ethiopia, Zach and I went through cars like it was our business. About every 2 years we would get a new one. After Ethiopia, MANY of our practices with money were revealed as being downright ridiculous and certainly the car situation was one of the first.

So we have a Honda Pilot. I LOVE it. Can’t imagine having any other car. Last year, during the winter, camp’s truck ran into the back end of the Pilot. So it was in the shop for a few weeks and I was able to get a rental. It was kind of nice, just like getting a new car but I didn’t have to pay any extra and I got my car back in tip top shape.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. My sister was in Mexico and I had taken her to the airport. So her car was at the bottom of our driveway. One day while talking to the kids, not paying any attention, I ran right into her car. And crashed the back end that was just fixed.

Tomorrow I take the Pilot in to get fixed again. And I get a rental.

So I’ve decided instead of paying for a new car every couple years I’ll just have a small accident, where no one gets hurt, and then get to test drive a new car for a few weeks while it’s getting fixed. Zach is less than enthused about my ingenuity.

And that, my friends, is sarcasm.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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