in your sleep…do you do it?

I don’t, usually. My brother does. Always has. Most of our hilarious family stories start with something my brother said or did when he was sleeping. His girlfriend recently reported on him asking her to pick him up a McFlurry while she was out. Anything with “McFlurry” in it is spectacularly hilarious to me.

Last night I talked in my sleep.

Zach had went to his friends last night to watch something on cable. He returned home, which I vaguely remember. This was our conversation (according to him).

Me: What are you doing here?

Zach: Umm….I live here. (He turns on the TV and CSI: Miami is on)

Me: (Not looking at the TV) So you just needed your Horatio fix?

Now I don’t care who you are, that’s hilarious. I mentioned Horatio in my sleep.

So tell me, do you sleep talk/walk? Tell me funny stories. If they include “McFlurry” in them, then I’ll send you something special.

6 thoughts on “Talking…

  1. One night I woke my roommate up and she responded with “Log x equals 1/x” She had been studying for a calc midterm. She has nerdy dreams apparently. Sleepy people are fun!

  2. your ‘horatio’ made me laugh until i couldn’t breathe (which doesn’t take much right now, actually)!i just keep imagining zach sneaking off to hang out with horatio sanz, getting his “fix.” weird.

  3. I don’t talk in my sleep, at least not that anyone has ever told me, but both my husband and daughter do.Hubby woke me up one night “Go get me that scaffolding!” Me:”What?!” Him “Go get me that scaffolding!” Daughter: crying desparately from her room: “momma! momma!” I run in there freaking out asking what’s wrong? to which she says “There is a banana in my headboard!!!” Gosh bananas are scary! ;o) She didn’t remember anything the next morning.No references to Mcflurry’s yet, but I like to eat them! ;o)

  4. I’ve driven my car to pick up a drunk friend sound while I was sound asleep. I don’t know which is worse, drunk driving or driving while asleep (DWA?) Had many telephone conversations sound asleep (which is, i’m guessing, how i knew to pick up drunk friend) I usually wake up when laughing during the conversation. Friends who know this about me often don’t know I’m asleep until after they realize I’ve woken up. I’ve done other things asleep too, but this is a family blog and some things should not be made public…

  5. One night, my hubs said “I could handle that.” I was curious what he could handle, so I asked him and he said… “I could handle 600 kids and a chocolate fountain.” Yeah. He got a chocolate fountain for his next birthday. Not so sure about the 600 kids. He also told me he was planning on using our station wagon (at the time) as a lawn ornament. I wasn’t too keen on that idea. My brother one night while dreaming suddenly shouted out “The voltage is too high!” He’s got nerdy dreams too. Love sleep talkers.

  6. Zinabu talks in his sleep all the time. One time, as I was adjusting his blankets, he said “My happy face is in my toothpaste.”I burst out laughingm, which woke him up.

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