Here’s the Thing

So Zach and I consider ourselves athletic. We both played sports since we were able to walk, we both loved playing sports throughout our entire lives and continue to enjoy doing some form of exercise still.

We’ve also been blessed to be at least decent at most sports we try. Zach played baseball in college, I ran track for part of it, in some cases we were better than average.

We also happened to have kids who seem to at least have the potential to be decent athletes. You know how you can just tell? Trysten can be pretty good when he tries and Dailah has pretty sweet running form, if I don’t mind saying.

We also happened to have adopted Tariku, who could throw a spiral football 3 days after coming home. Tariku, truth be told, is some sort of freak of nature. He is amazeballs at every sport he tries. And he loves every second of physical exertion.

Binyam actually shows great aptitutde as well. Regardless of his club feet, the kid is athletic. A few days ago he was hanging in between the couches doing a few tricep dips (do you know the upper body strength that requires?) Dailah tried soon after and promptly fell. Bini, after years of not being able to walk, has learned to manipulate his upper body to gain an advantage. This means watching him wrestle his siblings is sheer joy. The boy is good.

Then there’s Tomas. I’m not saying he’ll never be good at sports, I’m just saying there’s going to be a steep learning curve with this one. And honestly, Zach and I are at a bit of a loss as to what to do with a kid who shows little ability towards the sports.*

Zach took the 3 biggies to play golf a few days ago. We have this great course in Davenport that allows the kids to golf for just $1. The course is easy without many obstacles, thus perfect for kids.  Zach texts me at one point, “Tomas is horrible, he might just be a lost cause with regards to golf and/or athletic competition.” (Note: it was worded differently but that was the basic sentiment).

Then he sends me this video.

Come on, that is just funny. 

*Please know that we really don’t care whether any of our kids participates in sports, though we do credit our participation in them with teaching us many of life’s greatest lessons: time management, healthy competition, and in the case of our collegiate participation-beer bonging.

8 thoughts on “Here’s the Thing

  1. OMG. I was laughing so hard!! That kid couldn't hit a beach ball if it came at him!! You guys will have to find something he's good at…to get his confidence up.

  2. He is the cutest lil non golfer I've ever seen. and you weren't kidding when you said Tariku has a serious athletic ability. Is he one of those people who is just engineered for sports? They did a study that certain people ie Tiger Woods would be good at basically any sport.

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