Saturday my brother graduated from college. When I was watching the processional I realized how much we take an education for granted. In my family it just kind of went that way. Graduated from high school, went to college, graduated college, etc.

Only since coming home from Ethiopia where we were specifically asked to raise Tariku with a good education do I realize just how blessed we are to have such access to something that is not within reach to a good portion of the world. Though people complain about our public schools in this country quite a bit, I venture they would rather their kids go to the worst public school in America than in many other of the developing world.

So it was a bit more bittersweet Saturday for me. Proud of my brother, of course, as you’ll remember I’m uuber protective of him. But also humbled at the opportunities we have in this country.

With that said, the pictorals.

It took FOREVER to get started. So we all pulled out our Crackberries. It was slightly ridiculous but it’s nice to have a friend around when you’re bored.

And then there he is going to get his diploma. “Marcus J Dawson” pretty cool words.

We went back to my parents’ house because we were so schleepy. Here my sister went up to give Tariku a kiss before naps and just…couldn’t…go…any…further.

Once the graduate came back, it was picturetown. Here he is with my youngest.

And then with my grandparents.

My side of the family here.

My sister (Kara), Marcus and hotflawedmama.

These people are the Pedersen’s. They are great family friends. They babysat the kids during the ceremony. They have made my parents happy with their friendship and thus made me happy too. Plus they have kids our age so that always helps too.

Marco with my babies.

After pictures my parents treated us to Spagetti Works in Des Moines. MMMM carbs. Dailah was equally excited.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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