The Reason

for the lack of pictures is because the camera is getting fixed. Nothing big, warranty will cover it, but it was a sad day handing it over nonetheless. (Note: The camera I use is actually property of Camp’s so it disappears during camp season to its rightful owner).

I know you guys are just here for the pictures so here’s one before Dailah got her stitches out.

We have our old camera as well but it is dying a slow, painful death. I have money saved for a new one since my old new one broke (my parents and sister were generous people) so will be looking into a new camera.

Any recommendations? I know you bloggers love cameras, if you love yours or have heard of good ones, leave a comment or shoot me an email. Always open to suggestions! Oh, but it must be digital and must not take a large learning curve, it also must take pictures of my “good angle” only, whatever that is).

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