My Ex-Kindergartner

Tuesday was also Trysten’s Kindergarten “graduation-type-thing”. They basically put on a 20 second play and then showed a picture slideshow for 30 minutes. I love my son and all, but I know what he looks like and I take enough pictures as it is. But we went, because that’s what you do as a mom. And because I’m so incredibly proud of him.

I really can’t believe he’s old enough to be a kindergarten graduate. Seriously so, so honored to be called mommy by this boy.

This was actually his last day (Friday) but super cute.

Tariku eating the cake at the graduation.

Trysten was a cloud during the play. Seen here being arguably the best cloud ever to walk the earth.

Our family shot. Don’t ask why I didn’t change before I went, it was a busy day and I felt less than perfect.

Papa teaching Dailah the balance beam basics.

The Doozie enjoying her cake.

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