Friday, Birthday Day, Day of Sushi

Friday came. It was my birthday and my mom’s birthday, of course. Since she had come into town the night before we were able to spend at least part of our birthdays together.

So we woke up and my amazing hubby made us his birthday special…pancakes with our initials on them.

After some time with my mom and the kids, it was time to head to Chicago. My terrific parents babysat the kids for the weekend so that I could go to Chicago for the Les Mills quarterly. I had invited some of the people who take my classes who inspire me to come to be inspired themselves. My sister, Ann and I rode to Chicago together. As I picked Ann up she brought out basket of goodies and this…change for the tollway. She’s a thinker that one.

Since it was my birthday and Zach was nowhere in sight I wanted to get sushi (Zach hates sushi). So we rode the train into the city and got some delicious, delicious food. Here is a picture of some of it. The spicy tuna roll melted my heart and made me fall in love all over again.

Somehow the restaurant was out of most of their wines on their wine list so I thought I’d try a Plum wine. Not impressed, at all. But a pretty color either way.

We also did some saucy texting, which was hilarious.

The end of my birthday night ended with a drink at our hotel. It was a great day. Spending it with these ladies made it so very special.

One thought on “Friday, Birthday Day, Day of Sushi

  1. That sounds wonderful!! You are so stinking ambitious in the fitness aspect of your life. Send some my way – please! Happy belated birthday! Great picture of you and your mom.

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