From This Day Forward…

Tariku Asamu Abiyu Xavier Klipsch will be yours.

This morning we (finally) re-adopted Tariku. While most of my travel group was on the ball (thanks for rubbing that in, friends) and did it right away, we took our sweet time. No reason other than I had myself convinced that filling out one more piece of paperwork would literally kill me. Had I known how this day would feel, I would’ve sucked it up sooner.

It happened in Ethiopia before, when they called us his parents. I cried then when the birth certificate came with my husband and my names listed us as his rightful parents. It was a big day then, obviously, but I wasn’t there. I was today. I got to say yes to parenting him for the rest of my life. The judge had obviously been through this once or twice but all I wanted to do was shout from the rooftops that I pulled a quick one on God. I seriously can’t believe He gave us this child. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m not going to bring that up to the big guy.

Anyway, I had been telling Tariku this day was coming but obviously he didn’t really understand the impact. To him, I was mom, no idea why we needed to go through this step (me either, by the way). But we tried to make it a day about him. So in the morning we quickly went to the courthouse where two of his grandparents, two of his aunties and two of his cousins came to watch the judge gavel his way into our life.

(Zach was really happy, just feeling under the weather).

This juror was very enthusiastic about Tariku being ours forever.

Here is the best picture my sister took of us with the judge and lawyer. Our lawyer is the best, I really can’t say that enough.

Our first photo of 5 American citizens (on a side note it was also a sad day when thinking about Tariku losing his Ethiopian citizenship, more to come on that I’m sure)

She found lipgloss and was then satisfied the rest of the day.

So after all of that Tariku decided he wanted chocolate chip pancakes from Village Inn. I swear he was not convinced it was a big deal until Papa bought him remote control cars; then it suddenly seemed like a VERY big deal to him.

After this we went to Leslie’s to play for awhile, of course with the cars.

With no cars for these two yahoos they chose instead to focus on intense cuteness.

12 thoughts on “From This Day Forward…

  1. Congratulations on the officialness? of it all. I've seen you and Tariku and I know you didn't need the paper but it's nice to have just the same. I guess If Kait goes to Mexico to get married now Tariku can go too?Love to all of you.

  2. Okay, I'm coming out of the woodwork, here. I'm Cortney, used to teach yoga down at the Y (my mom is Pam, the pilates instructor). I also went to high school with Zach (maiden name was Carter, he might remember me). ALSO, I'm a court reporter at the courthouse, and I saw you guys down there yesterday, and knew immediately what you must be there for. I was so happy for you! I read your blog because I love your story and your writing style and seeing pictures of your adorable kids. I smiled at you guys a few times, but had no idea how to introduce myself. "Hey, I sort of know you guys, and have been stalking you on the Interwebs. Congratulations!" LOL. I didn't think you guys would recognize me, and I didn't want to interrupt your special day with a long diatribe about who I was and blah, blah, blah.But anyway, I just wanted to say congratulations. I've only reported one adoption, but the whole thing made me bawl like a baby (could be the pregnancy hormones, too). It's just so emotional and special to see a family come together like that. I know you guys were already a family, but that proceeding is really powerful to me and states before everyone that you are his parents. To me, it's kind of like a wedding. I'm just so happy for you guys!Tell Zach I said hi!

  3. good lord. that last picture makes me want to throw up it's so cute.congrats,–is it the actual policy that he HAS to give up his ethiopian citizenship to become a US citizen. i knew it worked that way for some countries, but i didn't know if it was for all of them.

  4. We are so blessed to be a part of these exciting events. I agree with Kait. The last picture of Dailah and Eli is amazing. I need one of those for our wall. I can't think of our family without Tariku. He is an amazing addition. Love, Papa

  5. wait! Lori did you just say if kait gets married in mexico???????? WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP YOUNG'UN!!Seriously, that pic of Eli and Dailah is adorable. It made me cry!! I didn't even try to stop the tears. Hi cort! I remember you cuz I know your mom Pam! What a great time this is for our fam!

  6. Congratulations fab family!We've waited far too long to formally readopt our daughter (2+ years of slackitude–huzzah!) but like you, I find great pain in finishing this process. The renouncement of one's citizenship is such a weighty issue. Maybe someday, dual citizenship will be available to kids like ours.

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