And Quarterly

Quarterly is called quarterly because, well, it comes up every quarter. šŸ™‚ This is the time when we get to go do any of the 9 classes Les Mills has to offer. I am an instructor for Pump, Flow and Step but it’s my chance to take those and any others. I get most excited for Combat and Jam.

Like I said before, I brought some ladies with me who aren’t instructors but who are some of the biggest champions in fitness that I know. One of them has lost over 150 pounds, one of them is a mom to two who works full time but has found a balance that works to get her to the gym and work her butt off. Another is from Germany and is therefore just cooler than I am. She also bumps up her weight quicker than most people and has even come to Step despite being slightly intimidated by it. The other is my sister who missed Combat from her old gym, I also happen to enjoy sharing things with her.

It was a perfect group. We had so much fun together and experiencing those many hours of fitness with each other just brought the whole thing home. I am so very blessed to have the job I have. Meeting people like this really is worth it. Inspiring women, all of them.

Doing some tricep pushups at Pump.

Those of us who did Step (minus Kara)

The signs on the stage for the presenters.

My peeps doing Combat (bad picture, but you get the idea)

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