The St. Louis Wedding

In finally got more pictures of the flower girl and “her” wedding. Most of them need no introduction.

My most favorite man in all the world and yours truly.

Daddy bringing his princess home from the wedding.


Amy, Nick, Doozie and others.

The Klipschs

She was very focused.

Prepare yourself, this is serious cuteness.

Look at this view on the way to the reception.

Most of the Klipsch family.

My sister-in-law and a few cousins.

I think I like it.

For some reason 11pm made her so very sleepy.

Getting ready…did I mention these are in no particular older?

I know, the only thing I can take credit for in that mug is her chin.

Still just the chin…

During the wedding, just the cousins.

This was the party favor, coffee. Can I just tell you how much I love them?

How handsome!

Their first cab ride, were most excited about not wearing seat belts.

5 thoughts on “The St. Louis Wedding

  1. She did such a great job as the most precious flower girl ever. I'm so glad everyone made it down for the big day. All the kids were so well behaved. The Klipsch family does create some of the most gorgeous kids don't we? If you think of it, add all your picutres onto the website I started for Amy and Nick. I think I sent you the email from shutterfly.

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