The Purse

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So today I wanted to show you one of the things I’m thankful for.

A girl, I said it. I’m thankful for a girl.

Because only she would have a purse that held such interesting things. (Lest you think this is her only purse, I must divulge that this is one out of many).

So here we have it. Contents:
-7 real chapsticks, 1 fake chapstick
-2 containers of eye make up
-1 cheek sparkly blusher
-2 smaller purses to hold…
-3 bracelets
-1 doll brush
-1 hair clip
-1 tiara
-1 Halloween key chain
-1 toy stingray

So if you don’t have a girl yet, you should get one, because everyone needs these kinds of things on their couches.

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