Is It Only Wednesday?

What a week. Really, so, so many things on my mind.

A friend, her family, on my heart and mind and in my prayers.

Another friend dealing with the surprise of her life.

And then international adoption, the “ride” of all rides.

Today we found out (from the information out there now, though this could change as more information is gathered) that the Ethiopian government is making changes, most notably that they will now require 2 trips to Ethiopia. The first will be to attend the actual court date and the second would be to come back, get the child(ren)’s visa(s) and bring them home.

So as a family that’s caught right in the middle of this, our heads are in a fog. Truly, the thought of going to Ethiopia two times in a few months is a bit exciting…if it weren’t for the added expense, the total heart destruction at meeting our newest kids and then leaving them. So on and so on ad nauseum.

We really don’t know exactly how this will affect us until Friday at the earliest. Most of you know I’m kind of a glass half-full kind of gal, and I’m finding it fairly easy to maintain that despite this rather large hiccup.

Because we’ve done this before, nothing in international adoption is predictable. We know in the end 3T and B will be here, they will be part of our lives for many decades to come.

Knowing they’ll join us at some point makes this just ever so slightly easier. That and knowing that the Ethiopian government takes ethical practices so seriously. For a country that has had various political issues, this is one thing they seem to be doing right. Heading in all the right directions. I really can’t argue with any extra steps that need to be taken to make sure the orphans are true orphans and not any form of human trafficking (if you’re anti-adoption or have any ill feelings towards international adoption, please don’t read that line as an invitation to insert your opinion, not the time or place). 🙂

So there you go, it’s Wednesday in most of the world and yet feels like Friday here.

But it was 60 degrees today, we spent most of the afternoon outside. This entire post could be a fresh air high, but I’ll run with it.


-We got an update on B on Thursday. Right now he’s almost exactly Dailah’s size, though I remember getting an update on Tariku once that told us he was bigger than he was when we actually showed up. We are trying to mentally prepare Trysten that his “little” brother 3T might, in fact, be bigger than he is. We are also trying to prepare Dailah that her “little” brother might be bigger than she is. She’s not really listening, she still talks to an imaginary B like he’s half her size and still needing his butt wiped but we’ll get there I’m sure. He is said to love falling asleep with toys in his hands, which reminds us too much of his big sister. The two of them in bunk beds are going to have a good hundred toys between them to fall asleep with. This could be bad.

-We received an email from our social worker Thursday saying she sent the homestudy to the various offices of our agency that need to okay it. This was just 3 days after our final homestudy visit, this is all new for us. Our social worker for Tariku’s adoption took months, so this really is a refreshing change. She actually told me I could stop saying “thank you” seeings this is her job and all. So hopefully this week or next we’ll have a final draft we can send to the great people at USCIS with our I-600a stuff. Also hoping the next few weeks will allow us to send in our dossier so that I can dust my shoulders off and “relax” knowing I have little else to complete while the Ethiopian and American governments decide our fate in their court systems. Good times.

Jody and Cassie have been in Sierra Leone, Africa for the last week. I’m dying to hear every word on their trip. Jody (and her dad) updated from time to time, go check it out. Very exciting stuff.

-I finished both Half the Sky and The Help this week. You really need to read both of these, for very different reasons. I’m still digesting Half the Sky but, I’m sure, will have lots to say about it once I do.

I think that’s it from this weekend that went by too quickly. Hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours. Did I mention we ate food off the grill tonight? Praise be!

Happy Birthday, 3T!

Today is 3T’s birthday, he turns 6 over in Ethiopia.

Last night I kept dreaming about him and his little brother, B. About the call when our court date is assigned, the call we’ll get when we first pass court. The call to announce our travel date. The last few days as a family of five. Then the moment we touch down in Ethiopia.

Needless to say, I hardly slept.

Today was the first day that I really wished we were over there. Wished we were there with our mother/father pride smiles on. Singing the loudest as they sing to him on his birthday. Though birthdays are not as big of a deal in Ethiopia as they are here, we were told they celebrate the kids in care. And so I picture his huge smile as they chant his name.

I whispered to Zach today in church, “Wish we were in Ethiopia right now.”

He counted on his hand, “At least 6 more months, honey.”

“Yup”, I say, “this will be a loooong 6 months for you.” 🙂

Happy Birthday, 3T. Your brothers and sister are so very excited for next year when they can sing at the top of their lungs and watch you blow out your candles!

Wordless Wednesday-Not a good sign

* Edited to add: Zach said that you can’t tell these are Dailah’s clothes and that some of you might think they are mine (really?). So these are Dailah’s clothes, I love this picture because I can’t quite figure out how they came off in this particular order. She de-robed in order to most resemble Captain Underpants (or, as she calls it, Crackin Underpants). So there you go, these are not my clothes, because I know you all were concerned that I could fit into size 4T pants nowadays.

Couple ‘Tings

1) We got an update on 3T today (notice: I just learned we aren’t supposed to identify our kiddos in ET by name, so please don’t list their names in the comments either. 3T is the older one). Good update, new height, new weight. He’s growing and by the time we get him, will probably be as tall as our oldest. He also likes bubbles. (ahhhh)

2) Tonight we were loading into the car after going to the Y. Trysten says, “Mom, tonight I realized that I just love Tariku so much and am so happy he’s in my family. Do you know how I know? Because he got hurt and I started crying.” Tariku said he felt better after he saw Trysten loved him so much. They are a couple of heartbreakers.

Speaking of heartbreakers, Dailah got to go to another Princess and Papa dance this past Sunday. Because she just hasn’t been told she’s a princess enough, obviously.

Her aunt Kara “KK” helping curl her hair.

She’s getting old, this one.

Seriously cute.

We’re quickly becoming outnumbered.