-We got an update on B on Thursday. Right now he’s almost exactly Dailah’s size, though I remember getting an update on Tariku once that told us he was bigger than he was when we actually showed up. We are trying to mentally prepare Trysten that his “little” brother 3T might, in fact, be bigger than he is. We are also trying to prepare Dailah that her “little” brother might be bigger than she is. She’s not really listening, she still talks to an imaginary B like he’s half her size and still needing his butt wiped but we’ll get there I’m sure. He is said to love falling asleep with toys in his hands, which reminds us too much of his big sister. The two of them in bunk beds are going to have a good hundred toys between them to fall asleep with. This could be bad.

-We received an email from our social worker Thursday saying she sent the homestudy to the various offices of our agency that need to okay it. This was just 3 days after our final homestudy visit, this is all new for us. Our social worker for Tariku’s adoption took months, so this really is a refreshing change. She actually told me I could stop saying “thank you” seeings this is her job and all. So hopefully this week or next we’ll have a final draft we can send to the great people at USCIS with our I-600a stuff. Also hoping the next few weeks will allow us to send in our dossier so that I can dust my shoulders off and “relax” knowing I have little else to complete while the Ethiopian and American governments decide our fate in their court systems. Good times.

Jody and Cassie have been in Sierra Leone, Africa for the last week. I’m dying to hear every word on their trip. Jody (and her dad) updated from time to time, go check it out. Very exciting stuff.

-I finished both Half the Sky and The Help this week. You really need to read both of these, for very different reasons. I’m still digesting Half the Sky but, I’m sure, will have lots to say about it once I do.

I think that’s it from this weekend that went by too quickly. Hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours. Did I mention we ate food off the grill tonight? Praise be!

2 thoughts on “Also

  1. Didn't I give that book to you last week? Told you it was hard to put down. Can't remember if you have a copy of Half the Sky or if is a library one. If you own it, can I borrow it? Thanks for the update on B.

  2. A friend of mine was having trouble getting her 4 year old daughter to understand that the 20 month old they were adopting was not a baby….so my very wise friend made a life size cardboard cut out and pasted on little sister's face! It was soo cute!!!

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