Couple ‘Tings

1) We got an update on 3T today (notice: I just learned we aren’t supposed to identify our kiddos in ET by name, so please don’t list their names in the comments either. 3T is the older one). Good update, new height, new weight. He’s growing and by the time we get him, will probably be as tall as our oldest. He also likes bubbles. (ahhhh)

2) Tonight we were loading into the car after going to the Y. Trysten says, “Mom, tonight I realized that I just love Tariku so much and am so happy he’s in my family. Do you know how I know? Because he got hurt and I started crying.” Tariku said he felt better after he saw Trysten loved him so much. They are a couple of heartbreakers.

Speaking of heartbreakers, Dailah got to go to another Princess and Papa dance this past Sunday. Because she just hasn’t been told she’s a princess enough, obviously.

Her aunt Kara “KK” helping curl her hair.

She’s getting old, this one.

Seriously cute.

We’re quickly becoming outnumbered.

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