That’s right, 3 days. But today isn’t about the countdown.

Today is about my husband, a guy more commonly referred to as “daddy” around here.

Not just any daddy, but the very best daddy. I’m not sure how I can even put into words how amazing of a father he is. But I’ll give an example.

Friday night we had the closing ceremonies at camp, typically parents come and pick up their kids as soon as they can after missing them for a week. All ceremonies were over by 6:45. When we came back up to the lodge sometime after 7pm, a twelve-yr-old boy was still there waiting for his family. I found out his family had forgotten about him, had forgotten he was even at camp for the last week.

This kid, he was so wonderful. He played with my kids, talked with me, etc. He was clearly bored with my weak attempts at entertaining him. Zach finished his meeting and came into the room we were in. “Hey buddy, you want to play some ping pong?” The boys’ face lit up. The kid was complete crap at ping pong but was smiling the whole time as Zach was giving him instructions on how to hold the paddle, etc.

Zach left to go do a little more work and the boy was left with us. “So what is your favorite part of camp?” I asked.

“Ummm, I like how people treat me here.”

I was fighting back some tears so I just kind of grabbed his hand and smiled.

I think that’s it. Zach has this amazing ability to emote love and respect. And honestly, he expects that of his staff as well.

Our kids can feel that, even when Zach’s gone more during the summer. I can feel it always.

Today I panicked for a second about the fact that I’ll have 4 boys in a matter of a few days (truth be told I was more panicked about how I’m going to feed all of those boys). Then I remembered that they have the very best role model as their father. This man, this man who was seemingly born to be a father he is that good.

There is no way I’d be able to walk through this parenting life without him, there is no way I ever want to.

He is the very best and he is ours and we are so, so happy about that.

Happy Father’s day to my beloved!

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  1. Yes… that poor kid 😦 My heart totally went out to him (and a few not nice things were in my head towards poor parenting skills…) He is such a sweet sweet boy, the little contact I was able to have with him was awesome though…Hope your Father's Day was well…Oh! And feeding all them???? In our house, I can't cook anything smaller then a feast anymore! I think I have completely forgotten how to cook in small portions now… it's all portions for like 12 people! LOL, John and I have actually discussed it, we may have to get two jobs each just to feed em all when they get into high school! HA! (It doesn't help that we also encourage alternate cuisine's from around the world to broaden horizon's… that will make a grocery store bill spike through the roof!)

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