oofta, those numbers are getting low, low. That is good, really good.

Because I’m going to be honest here, I’m checked out of Iowa. I find myself on a short fuse with my babies here. I’m constantly in la-la land. I try to tell myself to be the very best version of me for the last few days before we leave so that the kids remember that but oh boy I’m struggling.

My impatience mixed with the kids needing to catch up on sleep from a week at camp has been a very interesting combination indeed.

There’s still some stuff I had on my list to do but since none of it is necessary (except for finishing packing, of course) I’m not finding motivation anywhere.

So tonight the boys have a late baseball game and this lady is going to try to be super nice until then (it’s just a few hours, right?)

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  1. Lifting up LOTS of prayers for you the next two days. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. The transition's already started, and that's okay. God's doing a beautiful thing and you are part of it. Love you all.

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