It’s that time of year again

when water events start coming at a frenzied pace. Our Water For Christmas team looks a little different than years past as our fearless leader has moved and probably because of that we have lost a few members. But after being in meetings with the group that’s left, you should know there is still great passion in the survivors and a real desire to continue giving life to our brothers and sisters in Africa.

I was talking to someone the other day about my faith. It’s kind of a tricky thing right? Like most things in my life, I’m a horribly flawed Christian. I literally have 0 Bible verses memorized (not bragging about this), I fall asleep trying to read the Bible nearly every night, we haven’t been to church since some very un-Christian like treatment of some of our favorite people happened there. The list could go on. So I was telling this person that if they were coming to me for verses to prove something, then they were coming to the wrong person.

I’m not, as it’s been said before, a Jesus tiny dancer. I don’t know all the right things to say. In a verbal volleyball game I’d get one ace (did someone say John 3:16?) and that’d be all she wrote.

Here’s the thing, I really believe my being a very empathetic person is a God given trait. I believe very much that Jesus isn’t sitting on the sidelines shaking His long-locked head at what’s going on down here on earth. I believe very much there are some mighty tears falling from those eyes. I believe with every part of me that Jesus cries every time shit happens down here.

And I believe we should too.

I don’t know any verse to tell you why to get involved in our water campaign, I just know that every time a child dies because of a lack of clean water, Jesus weeps.

And I’m kind of not ok with that actually.

So we’re back at it.

If you want to physically join us, we’re Walking 4 Water again. Go here to get a form to fill out. September 18th in Muscatine, IA. I’ll be there, with my 5 kids, my husband, my 2 ginormous dogs, my parents, my sister, my brother and sister-in-law and my 2 nephew dogs. You should be there too.

You can always go here to donate or become a part of our monthly givers.

Or you can save the date for November 13th. It will be our second annual “Wine to Water” party that I’m hosting. It’s going to be just as cool, just as amazeballs as last year. Probably even more so, especially if you all come.

All I know is this, I wore a pair of TOMS that I took to Ethiopia with me yesterday. I looked on the sole and found a little of Ethiopia’s red dirt left on the bottom. It was a physical reminder of the place in my heart/mind/soul that Ethiopia takes up.

This is a scratch I can’t itch.

So read the statistics, think about it, pray about it, watch this video, whatever you need to do but I’m guessing if you open up your heart, the itch will take over you too. Just give into it, man. Join us.

Live Drill – No water for our birthday in Central African Republic from charity: water on Vimeo.

And that, will be one of my infrequent water blogs, I think you’ve heard enough about it from me. Oh, and just call me Sir Linksalot tonight apparently.

8 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again

  1. What can Miss Eff's do to help??? I can't walk on the 18th BUT I am certain I can drink wine on November 13th. Just send me an email and tell me what you need or want and I will do it.You guys amaze me!!!!

  2. service to others is the rent we pay to live on this earth. Did Jesus say that? Nope, Mother Teresa, Jesus' best friend on earth! Love you Tesi! (is it bad that I can't find a bible verse about it??)

  3. I'm sure as a fellow Christian, that you understand that "un-Christian like treatment" happens everywhere. No church, home or community is without it…that is why we are here and God is in Heaven. If what you are looking for is "Christ-like" treatment and all times, you will be dissapointed no matter where you go or which church you attend… I would just encourage you to forgive and go back to 'a' church.

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