Random Thursday

This will be seriously random, in no order whatsoever. Some good tidbits, some things I want to “scrapbook”.

–Last week we were eating with Frank and Terre and my 2 nephews. Eli (my youngest nephew, 3 years old) says to Dailah, “Dailah guess what! When we were babies we loved each other. And guess what else, we still love each other!” It was just the most precious thing.

–At that same dinner Bini blew out his first birthday candle. When we told him to blow it out he looked at us deplorably, “But it’s so beautiful.” he seemed to be saying. He blew it out then looked at me with straight up mix of joy, surprise, wonderment.” I looked at Zach and started laughing and before we knew it, Bini had stuck the candle wick in his mouth. These are things I take for granted that they’ve never known. Everyone knows not to put a hot candle in your mouth, right? Nope, little 4-yr-old habeshas not so much.

–This past weekend was Family Camp at camp. The kids were kind of sick so it wasn’t as enjoyable as years past but still good times. Anyway, it was a chance to put the new boys on horses and alpine towers and archery ranges, etc. The horses, well Tomas told me in Ethiopia he used to ride them so he seriously got on like an expert. He also kept kind of trying to kick the side of the horse, I think he was genuinely bored with the guided trail ride. Bini, on the other hand, was half freaked out half peeing-his-pants excited. He hopped on and started spitting and drooling and clicking and mumbling “Abiyu” which we really do think loosely translated means, “Oh shit I’m going to die.” But he actually ended up loving it and asks to do it again. So, gold star for us.

–Wednesday night I was cooking and Tomas came in. “Injera, please mommy, injera.” I was really holding my breath hoping he forgot all about injera. I’ve seriously tried making it more times than I can count and I momma fail every. single. time. But there he was. “Well, Tomas, I don’t know how to make injera.” “Oh mommy, I show you.” And he seriously went into every detail about it. Unfortunately, I’m the kind of cook who needs to know exact measurements and he didn’t know how much teff and how much water, etc. But his brains continue to amaze me. Last night I decided I could throw him a bone so I made my Ethiopian fries (I just add some berbere to cut up potatoes and bake them). He walks in the kitchen, “Oh momma Berbere, oh Berebere I love you! Thank you, thank you mommy. Good mommy.” Whatever, I guess I’m the kind of mom who appreciates the approval.

–Dailah walked into preschool yesterday, “Time for preschool, I’m going to go kick some butts!” No idea where she gets it, but I hope she tackles life with such tenacity and humor.

–Speaking of preschool, the littles teacher constantly tells me how Dailah is Bini’s security blanket. I, of course, have noticed this. Bini copies everything she says to the point of absolutely driving mama insane and goes where she goes, including the bathroom. Every time. Dailah gets annoyed (rightfully so, if you ask me) and Bini needs to find some independence. Not sure how to work through that, any ideas?

–Tomas LOVES school. He gets sad on weekends, every night he asks, “School tomorrow, mommy?” I’ve noticed this is a theme with a lot of older kids adopted form Ethiopia. Not sure what it is, but man it’s amazing. The other day I picked them up. Tomas didn’t see me at first so I just sat back and watched…as what appeared to be the whole school asking him to play with them, chasing after him, saying good bye. It. was. amazing. And way more than I ever thought to pray for. He is learning, loving and just as beautiful and joyful as he always has been. What a huge blessing.

–On Sunday I finally took Trysten to Urgent Care. His sinuses had gotten worse, he had an unexplained rash that seemed to be spreading and he had a thing on his knee that had gotten huge. Turns out, he had a sinus infection, poison ivy and the wound on his knee was an abscess that had to be drained. It had gotten so infected it got into his joint and made it hard for him to walk. Apparently me telling him to “walk it off” the week before was not a good decision. Momma fail, face slap. Crap. Hopefully he’s on the mend, though.

–I didn’t want to leave you hanging from my last post. Check out this charity: water video. Do you see what a little perseverance can get you? Goosebumps, tears.

Live Drill Day 2 – We Hit Water! from charity: water on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. Great random thoughts. Love them. I remember when Z latched onto Lily and followed her everywhere (and wanted her to sleep in his bed). He repeated EVERYthing we said, all the time, but the upside of that was that he learned English faster. I gave Lily "jobs" with Z so that she wouldn't grow too tired of him. If she had a purpose with him, she did better. Like looking at books with him or teaching him words. He was horrified when she went to school without him, but learned quickly that she came back each day and still had time for him. Maybe schedule some playdates for D so she's out of the house for bits at a time so she can get some space??? It's a tough one.

  2. Tesi,I've been completely moved since our trip to Ethiopia. Not necessairly moved by our adoption (although that was fantastic on it's own), but moved to help, to do, to give of myself something more to my son's birth country. I've read blogs and posts of so many others who, like me, wish they could do so much more. I'm reading your push for clean water and wondering what more I can do. I don't have a ton of money to give, yet still feel like there is so much more I can do than pray. Would you mind somehow (amidst your crazy busy schedule), mentoring me in what you've done to be involved. From your blog and the boards, you've inspired me to get up off my feet and help.Thanks so much,Leah Ann

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