Last Saturday

we began the morning at an early 6:15 to get to Muscatine in time for the Walk 4 Water. It was a bit rainy, a bit lightening-y but still a good time where money was raised to build freshwater wells.

After that, it was off to the UNI Panther football game. They were supposed to have lots of blow up jumpy things for the kids but, due to the threat of death lightening, all of that was cancelled. We still managed to have fun tailgating a bit and then proceeding into the dome (praise Jesus it wasn’t outside) at my incessant urging – I really do hate being cold.

Zach, ever the responsible parent, took the kidlet train to their seats.

We were all furnished with our UNI tees.

My sister promptly took a snooze sitting straight up, just 3 minutes after sitting down.

Trysten can’t get enough of drawing lately, so here he drew the football field.

The princess in pink.

And two of my handsome habeshas.

Tomas was so excited by the whole thing he stood up almost the entire time. Maybe there’s hope for him yet?

Bini, on the other hand, appeared to be a bit over stimulated so he was on laps drooling and staring into space most of the time. But for whatever reason, didn’t want to leave. Weird.

Great Saturday, long day. This meant everyone in the house slept for about 11 hours that night. Good times.

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