Tea with Grandma

Dailah had tea time with grandma yesterday. She lives for this kind of thing, she really does. And the people around her are good about humoring her on these “dates”.

Dailah wanted to wear her “wedding dress”, I happily obliged.

She also wanted “pretty hair”. With just a few minutes before we had to be on the road I threw in “little snakes” and she LOVED it. In the car she was telling Tomas, “See I can’t lean back against the car or it’ll mess everything up.”

On the way to grandma and grandpa’s Tomas kept repeating, “Oh Dailah, you are so beautiful, oh mama Dailah is most pretty, right?” Her boys are so good at telling her exactly what she wants to hear. (The only two awake at time of tea, the other two came later).

The camera (and hotflawedmama) just love her.

Dailah with her grandma. Clearly they share some genetics.

While they took off for the party, we took off for the dog park. I love this community.

This is what happens to pants when you’re at a dog park.

Our dogs are so used to grass they weren’t always fond of the concrete. A couple of loners this two.

2 thoughts on “Tea with Grandma

  1. don't you love days that are filled with all kinds of crazy–like wedding dresses and dog parks. cool! and i wanted to let you know how much i appreciated your post the other day on the church. very deep and true.

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