Christmas with kids? Just too much. Too much fun, too much warm and fuzzy feeling, too much joy, too much splendor, too much wonder. Just too much. We Santa don’t go all out, we get the kids just a few presents. This doesn’t seem to faze the kids much, they are still just overjoyed at the thought that a creepy guy with a beard came into the house while they were sleeping and left them some packages.

This is them in the morning.

After opening presents Zach always makes Jesus birthday pancakes. We get to enjoy them, too, but they really are to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And I have no idea why my man with the beautiful smile insists on making this face when he sees my camera.

Once we get ready and the kids get some time to play with their new stuff we head over to Zach’s parent’s house. I’ve said it before here, but let me tell you how much I love the Klipschs. So much, that’s how much. They are just an extension of my family, every single one. Every time I watch TV and/or movies that depict this often tumultuous in-law relationship I thank God I got the ones I got. They are tops.

Mimi Terre read (seemingly billions) of books to Binyam.

Papa Frank watched as Trysten showed him his new moves on the DS.

We ate much deliciousness, including my gorilla bread (thank you, Paula Dean). Mmmmm.

Bini got a plethora of snuggles from his aunt Kait.

Cash was there.

As was Eli.

We opened presents, including this homemade hat by Zach’s mom. It’s perfect for him.

She also made hats for the kids and tie dye clothes for us all!

Frank showed off the moustaches we gave him.

I showed off my most favorite magazine subscription that Frank and Emily gave me.

Frank gets the kids a big present every year. This year he had them hide his eyes before the big unveiling. This was Tariku’s reaction when he saw snowboards (for him and Trysten) and a bike (for Tomas).

Tomas literally cried with happiness at his bike.

Trysten was pretty psyched about his snowboard too.

The more than generous grandparents with their grandchildren.

We left more excited than when we came in, if possible. It was an awesome day, simply awesome.

3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. I keep thinking the same thing Tesi, when I watch those shows about repulsive relatives. How or why DID I get these most remarkable families? I tried to voice that exact feeling at Christmas but as you well know, I couldn't get it out. I love you all so very much. My life has been very undeservedly blessed. Thank you for blessing me!

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