Last Weekend

So I’ve been horrible at blogging. Many reasons why, but the biggest is probably just that we were busy. And when we weren’t busy I decided catching up on DVR sounded like more fun than blogging. So I gave myself that.

But it’s Monday now. President’s Day actually, so the kids are home from school. I’m trying to put off a house cleaning and a grocery store trip so blogging wins.

Last weekend (as in, not this one we just celebrated but the one before that) was laden with joy. Friday night my brother and sister-in-law took the kids overnight so Zach and I could have some QT together. We had so much fun going out to eat, lingering at different shops, hitting up one of our friends’ bands at a cool venue in town and then going home to an empty house. There was nothing earth shattering that happened, except we got so much uninterrupted time with each other, which is really all we needed.

Saturday night Leslie and Jake held a “Baby Rave” at their place complete with a fog machine and strobe lighting. What started out as a distraction for them (has it really been almost 3 years they’ve been waiting for Baby Klipsch?) ended up as a really fun night for adult and kid alike. We offered to take my brother and sister-in-law’s babe for them this night so she enjoyed her first rave as well. Turns out having a baby makes it a lot tougher to take pictures. Also turns out when a fog machine is added into the mix, most cameras don’t know what to focus on. Either way, was able to snap just a few.

Sunday I woke up to the smells of omelet making and coffee brewing. Then heard the kids entering the room carrying breakfast for mommy. Squeals of “Happy Valentines Day, mommy” greeted me.  Though a day early, it made me so completely happy.

Sunday night we met with our group of friends for dinner at the Bergers. Lasagna soup (amazing) and other homemade goods made my belly dance and the company made my eyes sparkle.

It was just one of those weekends that you wake up on Monday morning so deliriously happy you forget about the laundry that didn’t get done or the garbage that is overdue to be taken out. And Praise God for weekends like that.

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