Weekends and Weather

What a beautiful weekend! We had temps in the 75 degree range and it really couldn’t have been better.

To start, on Friday night we watched Blood Diamonds. Yikes! It’s what one must call a “must see, but shouldn’t see” as in, the first 15 minutes you should only peak through your fingers. It is awful and depressing but something everyone should see. I know that’s confusing and all, but I say if you’re able to get past Leo “I’m King of the world” Dicaprio with a British/South African accent, then you can get past anything.
Then on Saturday we had to do some shopping for my “poor” husband who last week forgot to take out his pen in his pants before laundry was done. Yes, most of you can see this coming. Pen explosions ensued and ruined pretty much all of his work clothes as well as most of my children’s PJs. The PJs they still wear, the work clothes? Not so much. Even more exciting was what came in the mail. You guessed it, our invitation to PAC! So we will FOR SURE be there in just 17 days. Also, the great land of Polk County sent me my 4 copies of Birth Certificates and 4 copies of our Marriage License. I take back the bad things I said about you, Polk Co, though you are still too hard on the wallet!
Sunday we went to church, small group and then pretended (or at least, Trysten pretended) to take naps. It was a great weekend but I had me such a hard day. Oh, I also got the whole top floor packed up (all of our rooms and bathrooms) with the exception of our closet. I’m holding off on that because I’m going through it with a fine tooth comb to donate some of my hardly used clothing. Oy! Moving day is July 23rd, I can no longer put it in the back of my mind!
Here some pics of Miss D. I’m obsessed with those beautiful eyes and kissable face! Too bad her big bro isn’t near as patient or you can see he’s just the same! Oh, and she can now clap and do the “so big” which is so cute it should be outlawed.

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