Ode to my 50th Post

In an ode to my 50th post, I wanted to write 50 facts about me/my life. Some of them you know, some of them you may not; but I happen to think they are all interesting. So here they are, in no particular order. Thanks for hanging with me these last 50 posts!

1) I think Zach and my “how we met” story is the best story in history.
2) I believe Jesus has rescued me from a life I woul’dve failed miserably had I went it alone and I thank Him every single day for that.
3) I believe having a great marriage is the single best thing we can do for our kids, which is why I work the hardest at that.
4) I don’t understand mullets. Or rather, I understand them completely but still don’t get why people would want one.
5) If I start having a bad dream, I turn to the other side. When I was younger and shared a room with my sister she told me that one side is “bad dream” side and the other is “good dream” side. I’m old enough to know better, but it still works!
6) I used to have nightmares of a fire burning my house. For some reason the only person not to get out was my little brother. So I used to tie sheets together and put them in his closet so he could get out the window if need be.
7) I firmly believe “mistakes” can sometimes turn out to be the best things that ever happen to you.
8) I think laughter truly could be the best medicine, which is why I married one of the funniest people I know.
9) I am a neat freak. I hate going to bed with clutter on the counter or dog hair on the floor.
10) I have always wanted as many kids as I could possibly have.
11) I believe parents blame everything else but themselves for how their kids end up. Don’t count on anyone else to raise your children, do it at home, don’t expect it to be done for you.
12) I was a 4-sport athlete in high school, was named “Female Athlete of the Year” my senior year by the Iowa Games and ran track in college. I haven’t worked out in 2 months and am actually quite okay with that fact.
13) I can say without a doubt that I would die for everyone I love.
14) I love hot showers. HOT, as in, steam-the-windows, make-your-skin-bright-red, HOT.
15) This is my lucky number. It also happens to be Zach’s. It was our number throughout our sports in life and has continued to play a significant role in our lives to this day.
16) One of my favorite places I’ve ever been is my parent’s lakehouse. I am never stressed there.
17) I am extremely protective of my little brother. Though he’s now 21, I would rather die than have anyone hurt him.
18) I just got teary eyed writing that last one. Which leads me to…
19) I cry a lot. I consider myself an emotionally stable person, but I cry all the time. Extreme Home Makeover? Cry. Trysten says something cute? Cry. Dailah burrows her head in my shoulder? Cry. Zach farts after beer and wings? Cry.
20) I have a decently vulgar sense of humor.
21) I have 2 tattoos and can’t wait to get my next one.
22) One of my favorite Bible verses as of late is James 1:24, “My Brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete. Lacking nothing.”
23) I’m not a patient person unless I’m with my kids, which is amazing.
24) I’m actually a fairly forgiving person. I don’t hold grudges for long and truly believe the only person you hurt by doing so is yourself.
25) I believe even the best of us have regrets in our life. I have a few in mine as well and am thrilled that I’m past that point in my life.
26) My least favorite part on my body are my fingernails. They are weak and brittle.
27) I am happy that I can now say #26. 6 years ago I would’ve listed everything except my hair.
28) My husband has taught me the beauty in everyone. He is the most patient, kind, loving person. He believes everyone has value and to treat them like they don’t is the worst thing you can do to a human.
29) I think and dream about my kids in Ethiopia every day, I can’t wait to know them, meet them and hold them in my arms. I can’t wait to learn what they sound like, smell like and are like. I can’t wait to call them my own.
30) I have had 2 nasal surgeries, an appendectomy, a gall bladderectomy (there is a proper word for it), 3 female procedures and various other ailments. I’m not what one would consider “a healthy person”.
31) 7 of my 10 best friends are my brothers/sisters.
32) I dream of starting my own company.
33) In college I took women’s study courses and became an overt feminist. When I had kids and realized there are some innate differences between boy/girls men/women, I’ve learned to appreciate and embrace those. God made us differently, that fact liberated me from trying to be someone I’m not.
34) I believe parents try too hard to be their kids’ best friends. They have plenty of friends, folks, there will be time for that when they get older and become parents themselves.
35) My parents and in-laws are some of my best friends NOW.
36) I got my “need for speed” from my dad.
37) I got my laugh from my mom.
38) I would consider myself a tomboy but love how my legs look in heels.
39) Quite a few of my cousins are pastors, social workers, etc. It’s amazing to see how God can plant a seed and the goodness spreads on its own.
40) I have an insatiable appetite for chocolate.
41) My high school buddies and I called ourselves the fantastic 5. We played sports together since we were in elementary school and they are still on my mind daily.
42) I love reading and learning. I can’t wait to teach my kids how awesome it is step into that world whenever you can.
43) I am obsessed with Harry Potter and all things British. I’ve told Zach if anything every happens to him, I will probably move to London and marry a Brit.
44) I love talking to people. If given the chance, most people have amazing things to say. If given the chance, God can reach you through someone you would have never considered.
45) I believe God talks to us still. I believe when the wind blows on an otherwise calm day or when we get a hug from out of nowhere or during a thunderstorm or during a great day or horrible day, God talks to us.
46) I unwind at night by watching TV, Zach hates it, I love it.
47) I love watching my brother play soccer. He’s such a great, natural player and it’s one of the only times when he shows raw emotion.
48) I think my husband and kids are the 3 most beautiful people in this world, inside and out.
49) I think the best way to evangelize is to be a great person. Love life and give love. People will wonder how you do it in a world like today. Show them that you don’t have to change who you are or be going around passing out Bibles to love God with every fiber of your being.
50) I’ll probably change a few of these once I read them because I’m weird like that.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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