Ode to Friends

We had a great “Celebration” last night. It was so much fun to have our friends and family come out to sample Ethiopian food and wonderful cookies and cheesecakes. Leslie and Jody did a terrific job at organizing, entertaining and socializing…it cemented the fact that I love to SEE the support of our adoption sometimes. If last night was any indication, Tariku is going to be welcomed into a lot of love and A LOT of people who enjoy Ethiopian food as much as he does! As soon as I get pics, I’ll show you.

We got some great gifts and donations and those are always so humbling to get. I’ll show a picture of two of the pieces of jewelry I got but you must promise not to get jealous. 🙂

Today I’m off to book club and run some errands for my eldest’s 5th birthday party tomorrow (5, yikes!)

Just wanted to celebrate life, love and happiness in this short blog!

3 thoughts on “Ode to Friends

  1. Ohhhhhhhh…I am so sorry I missed your party to celebrate Tariku and our family as it grows! But NOTHING is better than rocking your little girl, the daughter of my little boy, Dailah. I want to hear more about all the party details that I missed as I rocked. love, mamaterre

  2. Happy 5th birthday Trysten. I think when they turn 5, it is hard. I think that kindergarten will be harder. Maybe you and I can cry on the phone and have a beer too. 🙂

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