6 Months home and

Tomas has started to read. It’s been so fun watching him learn the letters, the sounds and now, put it all together. It’s amazing, really. I took 4 years of French and all I can remember is

tres interresant



des poissants (fish)

So on Saturday Zach took the kids to dinner while I prayed for death lay in the fetal position in the throes of the flu. Upon their arrival Zach was excited to show me that Tomas could now read.

Zach (who is the best dad in the world, not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before) gave him a few words on a napkin and helped Tomas get the courage to try them out. Well, Tomas did it. And it was awesome.

Tomas was really excited to show me as well. After Zach gave him a few more words, it was bedtime. A few minutes later and Tomas is coming up to tell us Trysten wrote a new word for him to read!


Yup. And wouldn’t you know Tomas sounded out the word, laughed hysterically and then went and high fived Trysten.

Boys. Oy.

6 thoughts on “6 Months home and

  1. Ahhh, I cracked up at this!!Tell Zach that since ow says oh it might confuse Tomas. We do words like that in groups, so my students read allll the ow words that say oh together. But seeing him split the word up into two parts made the reading teacher in me SO PROUD! He is an awesome dad, that is for sure. But we all know that the most important word he learned to read today is fart! haha.

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