This Morning

Went to go get Trysten’s clothes out for the day and there was a mouse sitting on his hangers. I screamed, threw the pair of undies I had in my hand and ran to the corner, Trysten followed. Zach had to get up about an hour before his usual awake time and “take care of it”. I did help him with my fair share of screams and diving onto the boys’ beds but he seemed more annoyed than thankful for my presence. Needless to say my irrational fear of mouse paws crawling on my arms and legs were less than thrilling for my whole family this morning at 7am.

On a lighter note, I received farm-fresh eggs delivered by Leslie but raised by Kathy(ie) yesterday. I sat down to my 2-egg breakfast this morning and was overjoyed at the sight of those little eggs sitting in their basket. Upon further research (meaning, I ate them) I must say farm-fresh eggs from animals that had a good life before death taste ever so yummy. It’s kind of like a party in my mouth if there was Kanye West playing, my hubby dancing and lots of good food at that party. That kind of party, it was as good as that. I could actually taste the happiness in those eggs. Man I love farm-fresh goodness. Thank you to those wonderful local farmers who are changing the tides for we foodies who take pleasure in life’s simplest joy!

Hope your day started out as well as mine (but not as well as Zach’s!)

P.S. Speaking of local…don’t forget about the auction happening over at the dancing blog! It goes until 5pm today. Yay for local artists!

Erin, Emily, & Tracy

I learned about giving Water for Christmas from a girl in my English class. She showed me the video she made and this website and I was really impressed. This is such a good idea to spread awareness and I wanted to be apart of it.

I can’t imagine not having clean water. When I learned about all of the people dying in Africa because of their dirty water, I wanted to do something about it and this was my opportunity to help. And as a bonus, my friends and I had so much fun dancing around for such a good cause.

So please take time and think about what a great gift clean water would be and how this is an opportunity for you to help too.


An Artist’s Words

As I walk this path I discover more about myself in relationship to God and this world that I live in. Some of it is about my relationships with people that I love, live with, work with, or pass daily. And some of it is about people that I will never meet, yet how I live my live does have an impact on them either directly or indirectly. I could pass up this opportunity to dance and never acknowledge the water project. But how could I face myself in the mirror when I brush my teeth…or when I meet my Savior.

Sheila Mesick

hotflawedmama note: Remember to go over to to bid on the painting in this picture. It’s 16×20 on canvas and absolutely sublime! Remember, big things take action…so GO!

Sheila and An Auction

So tomorrow’s dance just got bigger. And it’s awesome and I’m so excited. Tomorrow, as I promised, is an art teacher from a junior high school here in Davenport. In the dance she is also painting. It’s a painting dance! And the painting is truly beautiful. So we asked her if she’d let us auction it off and she said yes.

Tomorrow over at we’ll hold the auction. It will begin tomorrow once Sheila’s rain dance is posted and go until Friday at 5 p.m. This gives you all who wait until after work time to bid. Now, if you REALLY want this and are afraid you might lose on an auction, feel free to email and give us your maximum bid; then we can bid for you. (Kind of like ebay but way better)

This is original. Your entire donation will go to Water for Christmas. So bid and bid high. Because it’s beautiful and every dollar counts. And…she’s worth it.

For some reason it’s not letting me upload pictures so go over to Leslie’s to see pictures and here her talk about it much better than myself. Thanks for your support. Your passion is so thick I can feel it here. You are such blessings to me!

Kelsie’s Thoughts

So…I’m one of those crazy water lovers. I pretty much drink only water (without lemon). I don’t drink pop, or coffee, or juice. I have a glass of milk with my dinner every once in a while but that’s about it. I especially love water on those hot summer days when you’ve been outside for a while and you can’t wait to get inside for your big glass of ice cold water.

I can’t imagine if that water wasn’t there! I mean I don’t just have clean water to drink….I use clean water for quite a few things!! I wash the dishes with clean water, I do laundry with clean water, I brush my teeth with clean water, and I bathe in clean water!!! I guess I don’t think about it very often because I was born in a very blessed and prosperous nation and this is what I’m used to. It blows my mind thinking that there are millions of people in this world without an essential thing like clean water!

So when my cousin, Tesi, asked me to dance for water how could I say no?? Let’s just cut one Christmas gift out and give WATER this year to those who are in need! Thanks!

Frank and Terre

38 years ago, Frank and I became husband and wife. Glory be to God, our lives have been blessed with freedom, love, and clean water, and food. We have suffered nothing compared to what the rest of the world suffers.

As a mother of 4, I cannot imagine how it feels to watch my babies drink filthy, contaminated water. Please donate now to Water for Christmas. Just $10 and 100% of your donation…100%……goes to developing wells and digging for fresh, clean, water for folks who need so much. Won’t you please dig deep in your pockets so that wells can be dug deep to provide for others?

Shirley Chisholm, congresswoman in the US House, once said “Service is the rent you pay for room on this planet.” Please help us serve others.

God bless you for your time, your efforts, and your donation.
Grace and peace, Frank and Terre

WFC Ornaments

So in true Christmas spirit, Amy’s mom is making Water for Christmas ornaments. And they’re not the kind you will find at the garage sales. Oh no, these are beautiful, hand crafted and awesome. Seriously awesome. You just have to go here and buy them, they’re only $6.50 and EVERYTHING goes to Water for Christmas, so I’d probably buy tens of hundreds if I were you. Okay, okay here they are.

Tomorrow my in-laws are exposed…with regards to dancing anyway. I think you’ll fall in love with them. It’s fairly easy to do. I did the first time I heard Zach call them “mommy” and “daddy” (and he was a sophomore in college). It’s only strengthened in the last 7 years of knowing them. Seriously, you might cry and want to jump through the screen to hug them.

Then on Wednesday look for someone in Alabama. Thursday is an art teacher from a local junior high dancing as she paints. Friday…well that one’s a surprise!

I hope you’re enjoying the dancing. I’ve never seen so many people become so crazy about water after doing something as simple as dance. Joy begets donating begets telling everyone you know begets fresh, clean water. I heart the word begets.

TorreyBeth and Jeff

I ate crackers and cheese in bed last night. The crackers are called “Fire Crackers”, a recent gift from a friend’s wedding. The crackers set my mouth on fire. So I gulped down a glass and a half of water. Icy, cold, delicious water. And I thought about the little video that Jeff and I shot on Saturday night.

Why dance for water? Why give money to this cause and not any of the other million good causes out there?

Well, why not? It doesn’t have to be a lot. It could be the $5 you don’t spend on a bagel and coffee this morning. These people don’t have water; they probably don’t have a lot to eat either. I bet you won’t miss this one breakfast.

This cause speaks to me. Water is life; water is sustenance. I’ve been worrying about this planet running out of drinkable water for years. And if there is still drinkable water to drink, why should 1.1 billion people lack access to it?

So, I danced. I danced in my Halloween costume and I’m sending my money to buy some people who need water access to Water for Christmas. What do you want for Christmas this year? I bet it’s a want, not a need. Not something that sustains life. So, give water.

Allie (Central High School)

Hello, My name is Allie Corbin and I am a senior at Davenport Central. I have been pretty fortunate in my life…clothes on my back, a roof over my head, an education and most of all I have CLEAN WATER EVERYDAY! Did you know 1 and 6 people dont have clean water? Here in the US most people do not have this problem. In fact, I bet most people don’t even think about it being a problem. In the United States people spend over 400 billion dollars on Christmas presents and all we need is a fraction of that to provide wells for everyone in Africa to have clean water. When I hear that we spend that much money for presents my mouth drops! We are spending that much money on stuff that is not needed when children are dying in Africa because that dont have clean water that is NEEDED for survival.

I did this project because it is SO easy. I love to dance! While I’m going through my senior year I am trying to figure out what college I want to go to in a year. College. I’m thinking of college while children in Africa just want water and they will be the happiest kids. I think about all the times I have been disappointed because I didn’t get something I wanted and I feel GUILTY! When my friend Leslie told me about this project a million things were going through my mind about how easy it was and how fun it will be.

All you have to do is dance! I know that my friends and I dance all the time in the car, at school, in the park, and we even made music videos! If you think about it you can help raise money and awareness just by dancing. How much easier does it get? If you don’t want to dance alone then grab a friend. I hope when you read this in your head you’re thinking ‘thats it’, because yep that is it! All you have to do is dance! So do it!!! DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE!!! And DONATE as well 🙂

Picture Time

Dailah got to stay up a little late tonight because the boys were having “issues” with listening to their parents today. Oddly enough our 2-year-old remained attentive and vigilant with regards to our requests; which was a notable difference from most days.

She and I played catch with a balloon and I can honestly say I was laughing so hard my belly hurt. The girl has mad comedic timing, it truly petrifies me to think how she’ll shape that in the future. I have no doubts a gal like me could become quite a good charicature for a comic. Terrifying to think what she could say about me, plenty of good material.

We met last week to chat about Water for Christmas. This was Zeke and Kora’s reaction when Jody pulled out the computer. It’s a testament to her passion that she’s getting it all done.

Amy and her baby boy who was the calmest of the bunch. She did mention that “normal” to her is having a foot in a bag that she was sewing an Africa on…so that should tell you something.

This was Dailah’s face the vast majority of our time spent at Cassie’s. Cassie also had a youngster clinging to her…suffice it to say the kids might feel a bit neglected. For the cause, right?

Come on


Look at those pants. Perfect!